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Home » » VLOS (Vidalinux Desktop OS) is a powerfull, stable and easy-to-use Linux distribution

VLOS (Vidalinux Desktop OS) is a powerfull, stable and easy-to-use Linux distribution

VLOS (Vidalinux Desktop OS) is a powerfull, stable and easy-to-use Linux distribution.

The desktop components are based on the best projects of the open source community including the GNOME desktop environment, Firefox browser, Evolution mail and calendar client, Gentoo Linux system and portage package manager.

VLOS includes additional multimedia and productivity applications for the home user including media players, browser plugins for Flash, RealPlayer, PDF viewer, media, graphics design and administration tools.

Update (via Distrowatch):

VLOS Antonio Carlos Velez Baez has announced the availability of the second beta release of VLOS 2.2, a Gentoo-based desktop distribution: "We are proud to announce the second beta release of the upcoming VLOS 2.2. Changelog: Vidalinux branded Firefox; Vidalinux branded GNOME desktop; lot of fixes in Boxee media center, now all its features are working; Thunderbird updated to latest version fixing lot of issues; Banshee updated to latest version and now iPod, iPhone support is working; Banshee community extensions added; Vino removed in favor of Remmina; On Screen Display (OSD) notification added; sounds now enable by default in GNOME desktop; splash boot and GRUB splash implemented; Ubuntu font implemented in GNOME desktop...."

See the
release announcement and changelog for other details.

Download the live DVD images via BitTorrent: Vidalinux_2.2_beta2_i686.iso (1,800MB, MD5), Vidalinux_2.2_beta2_amd64.iso (2,000MB, MD5).

Recent releases:

• 2010-11-26: Development Release: VLOS 2.2 Beta 2
• 2010-11-06: Development Release: VLOS 2.2 Beta 1
• 2010-01-07: Development Release: VLOS 2.0 Beta 1
• 2009-12-03: Development Release: VLOS 2.0 Alpha 1
• 2006-12-02: Development Release: VLOS 1.3.1 RC1
• 2006-10-18: Distribution Release: VLOS 1.3

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VidaLinux tries to provide most appropriate tools for home and office use, including:
  • ALSA Support
  • AMD 64-bit Support
  • PPC support
  • Anaconda Installer
  • CD Player
  • Epiphany
  • Evolution
  • Firefox
  • Gaim
  • GIMP
  • Mozilla
  • Mplayer
  • OpenOffice.org suite
  • PCMCIA Support
  • RealPlayer
  • Reiser4 Support
  • X-Chat
  • X.Org
  • Xine

Vidalinux comes in two different flavors; one can be downloaded, while the other must be purchased. While the downloaded version technically has all the same software packages as the purchased version, the difference is that the purchased version (which can be bought for 25 USD) contains many binaries of often used programs, while the downloaded version forces the user to download ebuilds of these packages and build the binaries themselves, which requires more time.

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