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Home » , » Kademar Linux is friendly and can coexist with other operating systems

Kademar Linux is friendly and can coexist with other operating systems

kademar_linuxKademar Linux is a complete operating system that includes the essentials to operate fully in any team and any programs to comfortably perform the necessary tasks in the home and office.

Kademar Linux is friendly and can coexist with other operating systems on the same computer.

But with Linux kademar do what you do it often, more simply, fast and convenient, being in tuned with kademar Linux from the start.You will not need anything else.

Updates (via Distrowatch):

kademar Linux Adonay Sanz Alsina has announced the release of kademar Linux 4.9.5, a Catalan distribution and live DVD with a choice of KDE 3 and KDE 4 desktops and a recent Linux kernel patched for performance. Based on the recently-released Debian GNU/Linux 6.0, the new kademar delivers vast improvements in speed and performance, and brings many updated software applications. Some of the features include: Linux kernel 2.6.37 with the 200-line desktop performance patch; a choice between KDE 3.5.10 and 4.5.5 desktop environment; compressed caching in RAM with the compcache technology; Duck Duck Go as the default search engine; Wine 1.2.2 as the latest stable version of the compatibility layer for Windows programs and games for Linux; new graphical desktop theme....

Read the rest of the release announcement (in Catalan) for further details.

Download (MD5): kademar_V4.9.5_Escritorio-32bit.iso (2,690MB), kademar_V4.9.5_Escritorio-64bit.iso (2,603MB).

Recent releases:

• 2011-03-02: Distribution Release: kademar Linux 4.9.5
• 2009-12-20: Distribution Release: kademar Linux 4.9.1
• 2009-08-12: Distribution Release: kademar Linux 4.9
• 2009-03-16: Distribution Release: K-DEMar 4.8
• 2008-12-14: Distribution Release: K-DEMar 4.7


The kademar Linux distribution is a complete desktop Linux operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux. Compared to its parent, it includes more intuitive system management and better hardware support, including support for Bluetooth, WiFi, ACPI power management, NTFS, Lightscribe, USB, web cams, TDT/DVB, and other devices. The distribution supports English, Spanish, and Catalan languages and provides separate DVD edition with more applications as well as a light-weight edition for older computers. The distribution also includes a graphical system configuration tool called CADI.

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