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Home » , , » Parsix GNU/Linux is a live and installation CD derived from KANOTIX and based onDebian.

Parsix GNU/Linux is a live and installation CD derived from KANOTIX and based onDebian.

parsix basic-logo
Parsix GNU/Linux is a computer operating system available as a live CD that can also be installed on a hard disk.

It is a Linux distribution based on Kanotix, which is based on Debian testing. Unlike Kanotix, its desktop environment is GNOME.

It is made in Iran by Alan Baghumian. It includes the xFarDic multi-language dictionary and also Persian fonts.

What You Get?

Rock solid stability of Debian mixed with desktop performance optimized kernels for 32 and 64 bit systems, bring you a wonderful system experience.

Timely releases every six months. We have two annual major and two to four minor releases. We support in place and smooth upgrades from older versions to the newer ones via the package manager system or DVD media.

Security and bug fix updates around the corner. We follow Debian Security Advisories closely and provide you security updated packages on all of our software repositories as fast as we can. We have a dedicated security software repository. For more information and recent advisories, click here.

We have four software repositories enabled by default. Official repositories contain packages maintained by our project and built on our build servers. Continent repository is a snapshot of Debian testing branch. Wonderland repository which contains multimedia related software packages, is a snapshot of Debian Multimedia repositories. Security repository contains security updates maintained by project.

Community support. You can use our community user forums and mailing lists to get support if you have any issues or questions. Project developers are also active forum members and can help you resolve your issues more quickly.

If you are interested to find out what are the default packages and version numbers shipped with Parsix GNU/Linux DVD, click here to see the details.

Update: (via Distrowatch)

Parsix GNU/Linux Alan Baghumian has announced the availability of the first test release of Parsix GNU/Linux 3.7, a Debian-based desktop distribution featuring GNOME 2.32 and a Linux kernel patched for performance: "A new testing release of Parsix GNU/Linux is available now. This version is being released after a few months of internal and community testing and development. Parsix GNU/Linux 3.7 'Raul' is built on top of the rock-solid Debian testing branch as of Feb 7, 2011 and brings tons of updated packages. We decided to ship GNOME 2.32 with this version and GNOME 3.0 is planned for Parsix GNU/Linux 4.0. We will follow this testing release with our classic three-step development releases and are looking to release the final version in late June or early July."

Visit the distribution's news page to read the brief release announcement; detailed release notes are available here.

Download: parsix_3.7r0-TEST-1-i386.iso (947MB, MD5), parsix_3.7r0-TEST-1-amd64.iso (961MB, MD5).

Recent releases:

 • 2011-05-29: Development Release: Parsix GNU/Linux 3.7 Test 1
 • 2011-04-03: Distribution Release: Parsix GNU/Linux 3.6r2
 • 2010-12-15: Distribution Release: Parsix GNU/Linux 3.6r1
 • 2010-09-06: Distribution Release: Parsix GNU/Linux 3.6
 • 2010-07-28: Development Release: Parsix GNU/Linux 3.6 RC
 • 2010-05-31: Distribution Release: Parsix GNU/Linux 3.5


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