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Home » , , » xPUD (Penk's Underbred Distro) GNU/Linux is a Taiwanese mini live and installation CD based on Ubuntu

xPUD (Penk's Underbred Distro) GNU/Linux is a Taiwanese mini live and installation CD based on Ubuntu

xPUD is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution and live CD/USB image consisting mainly of a web browser and a media player, with a simple user interface on top.

The goal of the developers is to create an operating system which is extremely lightweight and fast-booting, includes applications for daily use, and has an intuitive, easy-to-use desktop interface.

Updates (via Distrowatch):

xPUD Chen Ping-Hsun has announced the availability of a development build of xPUD 0.9.5, a minimalist distribution with a custom user interface designed primarily for kiosks and netbooks: "xPUD 0.9.5 - this is a technical preview release which only suits developers. New features - Ubuntu 10.10 base and Linux kernel, along with an updated build system. Starting with this version we launch a new project called TableWare, a web-based window manager, which replaced the old XPCOM/MozPlugger implementation with following software components: new NPAPI plugin, new XCB-based window manager, Node.js and WebSocket support, new daemon with inotify and D-Bus support, new WebKit-based runtime. So the fun starts here! How cool will it be if you can write a window manager using CSS/HTML and JavaScript in 297 lines of code?"

Read the full
release announcement which includes a number of screenshots.

Download: xpud-0.9.5.iso (65.0MB, MD5).

How about an operating system that boots up your computer in the same amount of time it takes to turn on your TV? xPUD is that new Linux distribution that boots up even before you can pronounce it’s name. It’s an extremely small kiosk-like distribution that is built upon the Mozilla Gecko Runtime and XUL, and is binary compatible with most major Linux distributions like Ubuntu or Fedora allowing you to run most of your favorite applications on it.

xPUD features a unique interface called “Plate” which remains visible at all times. The Plate consist of 4 tabs - Home, Applications Menu, File Browser and Settings

PUD (Penk's Underbred Distro) GNU/Linux is a Taiwanese mini live and installation CD based on Ubuntu, with ideas borrowed from the LAMPPIX and Damn Small Linux projects, and with support for Traditional Chinese (zh_TW). Its main purpose is to provide a complete Linux desktop with many popular applications and tools, yet remain small and simple to operate.

Recent releases:

• 2010-11-03: Development Release: xPUD 0.9.5
• 2009-12-08: Development Release: xPUD 0.9.2
• 2009-10-03: Development Release: xPUD 0.9.1
• 2009-06-07: Distribution Release: xPUD 0.9
• 2009-04-05: Distribution Release: xPUD 0.8.9
• 2008-08-12: Development Release: xPUD 0.8

Install xPUD on Linux.

Download image for Linux: xpud-0.9.2-image (45MB)

We don't have installer for Linux yet, but you can do it manually by configure your boot loader. For example, if you're using GRUB on first partition:

title xPUD 0.9.2
root (hd0,0)
kernel /xpud-0.9.2-image noisapnp quiet lang=en screen=1024x786

You can also boot the ISO image by using Grub2:

menuentry "xPUD 0.9.2" {
loopback loop (hd0,0)/xpud-0.9.2.iso
linux(loop)/boot/xpud isofrom=/xpud-0.9.2.iso noisapnp quiet
initrd (loop)/opt/media

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