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Home » , » Linux Deepin (formerly Hiweed GNU/Linux) is a Chinese distribution, based on Ubuntu.

Linux Deepin (formerly Hiweed GNU/Linux) is a Chinese distribution, based on Ubuntu.

Linux Deepin (formerly Hiweed GNU/Linux) is a Chinese distribution, based on Ubuntu.

Its features include preconfigured Chinese applications, such as Chinese (simplified) input method, Chinese-English and English-Chinese dictionaries, and Chinese (simplified) true-type fonts.

Although there is a change in both the project name and the logo, the slogan continues to be "relieving novices from painfully getting started with Linux as well as saving the time for veterans".

Moreover, the distribution still claims to be lightweight.

Update: (via Distrowatch)

Linux Deepin Linux Deepin is a popular and active Chinese community distribution based on Ubuntu and featuring the GNOME desktop and numerous usability improvements. With remarkable contributions from enthusiastic volunteers, Linux Deepin 11.06 has been released. It is based on Ubuntu 11.04 but still uses GNOME 2, and it features an independently developed Deepin Software Centre. The look and feel of this new version like default font size have been adjusted in response to the requests from the user community, and input methods for both Simplified and Traditional Chinese (Yong and ibus-chewing) are included with a pretty skin. LibreOffice is installed by default but a specialized office suite dedicated for Deepin from Evermore Software is available via Software Centre. Video and audio players are still GNOME MPlayer and DeaDBeeF, both with enhancements. Firefox 5 is the web browser but the email client is changed to Thunderbird to better work with Gmail.

Check the full release notes (in Chinese) with a few screenshots.

Download (MD5): deepin_11.06_i386.iso (655MB), deepin_11.06_amd64.iso (635MB).

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Recent releases:
• 2010-12-31: Distribution Release: Linux Deepin 10.12
• 2010-12-20: Development Release: Linux Deepin 10.12 RC2
• 2010-12-11: Development Release: Linux Deepin 10.12 RC
• 2010-12-01: Development Release: Linux Deepin 10.12 Beta
• 2010-10-29: Development Release: Linux Deepin 10.12 Alpha 1
• 2010-07-23: Distribution Release: Linux Deepin 10.06


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