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Home » , » KahelOS Linux distribution based on Arch Linux has announced the release of Kahel OS 12-25-2009

KahelOS Linux distribution based on Arch Linux has announced the release of Kahel OS 12-25-2009


Meric Mara has announced the release of KahelOS 05-01-2010, an Arch-based, desktop-oriented Linux distribution with GNOME as the default desktop: "The May One version of KahelOS installer (KahelOS 050110) is dedicated to all the laborers around the world. The highlight of this installer is the easier and friendlier way to do installation in a just a few steps, unlike the first two installer release. Improvements that you may discover: Compiz Fusion is enabled by default; font clean-up and improvements; improved hinting and rendering of fonts; massive clean-up of unnecessary packages, saving disk space; massive optimization of PNG, MNG, TIFF and GIF packages; new boot splash, background and theme; out-of-the-box easy file-sharing; Mabuhay Welcome Center with introduction of KahelOS; iBus is now the default alternative input bus; include all possible WiFi firmware by default."

Read the remainder of the
release announcement for more details.

Download (this is an installation CD only, no live mode): kahel-desktop-050110-i686.iso (693MB, MD5), kahel-desktop-050110-x86_64.iso (694MB, MD5).

Recent releases:

• 2010-05-01: Distribution Release: KahelOS 05-01-2010
• 2010-01-02: Distribution Release: KahelOS 01-01-2010 "Light"
• 2009-12-26: Distribution Release: KahelOS 12-25-2009

KahelOS is a Linux distribution based on Arch Linux. Its desktop edition comes with pre-configured GNOME as the default desktop environment, GNOME Office productivity suite, Epiphany web browser, GIMP image manipulation program, and other popular GTK+ and GNOME applications. Like Arch Linux, KahelOS maintains a rolling-release model of updating software packages using its parent's repositories. A server edition is also available. Both the desktop and server editions come in the form of installation CDs with text-based installers, but no live media.

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ISO Installer
Desktop Edition

December 2009
version 12-25-2009

  • 32-bit version

Download ISO Now!
Download MD5 Now!

  • 64-bit version

Download ISO Now!
Download MD5 Now!

Server Edition

August 2009
version 0.8-2

Download ISO Now!
Download MD5 Now!

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