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Home » , , » PC/OS is a Xubuntu-based desktop Linux distribution.

PC/OS is a Xubuntu-based desktop Linux distribution.

PC/OS is a user-friendly desktop and server Linux distribution based on Xubuntu.

Some of its most interesting features include support for popular browser plugins, addition of packages for multimedia production, content creation and software development, and a BeOS-like desktop theme.

PC/OS comes in several editions, including OpenDesktop, OpenWorkstation and WebStation.

Roberto Dohnert has announced the release of PC/OS 10.1.1, a bug-fix update of the Ubuntu-based desktop distribution: "We are pleased to announce the delivery of PC/OS OpenWorkstation 10.1.1 PC/OS GNOME 10.1.1 as well as PC/OS WebStation 10.1.1. With this release we bring many bug fixes and enhancements to the platform. This release is a bug fix and precursor to the release of PC/OS 11. Some of the highlights of this release include: Linux kernel 2.6.31 PAE, with physical address extensions, users of 32-bit PC/OS can now use more RAM on 64-bit systems; Gigolo is replaced with pyNeighborhood; FileZilla is now included; Empathy has been upgraded to version 2.29.93; Empathy has been replaced with Meebo; GNOME Games has been replaced with FlashChess3...."

Read the rest of the
release announcement for more details.

pc-os-openworkstation-10-1-1.iso.zip (1,077MB), pc-os-gnome-10-1-1.iso (1,198MB, MD5).
Recent releases:

• 2010-03-30: Distribution Release: PC/OS 10.1.1
• 2010-03-11: Distribution Release: PC/OS 10.1
• 2010-03-03: Distribution Release: PC/OS 10.1
• 2010-02-20: Development Release: PC/OS 10.1 Beta 2
• 2010-02-09: Distribution Releases: PC/OS 10a "Open64 Workstation", 8.5 "OpenServer"
• 2010-02-03: Development Release: PC/OS 10.1 Beta



Some of the highlights of this release include.

Linux Kernel 2.6.31
OpenOffice.org 3.2
Firefox 3.5.8
Amazon MP3 downloader
Empathy for IM
GNOME utils 2.28
GnomeBaker for burning CD's and DVD's
VLC is now the default video player
WINE 1.2 is now included
Google Gears is now included so that Webstation users can access Google Docs and other web apps offline
New Simplified menu structure
USB Creator can now be used to create a bootable USB drive
UI design is now unified with the GNOME release

PC/OS has a couple of goals that set it apart from the rest. Our primary focus is ease of use. Our mission statement "simplified computing" is in line with everything we do. We offer many tools built in that Ubuntu doesnt include. Likewise Open, gUFW, Scheduler, Hal Device manager are just a few examples. In the DVD release especially we have a focus on multimedia production, content creation and software developement offering the tools necessary to get the job done. The average consumer is also compensated in the PC/OS release with many multimedia and office productivity tools.

PC/OS has several different releases. They all differ in their target audiences. The DVD ISO also known as OpenWorkstation contains media production tools, software development tools, and office productivity tools. If you are a developer, content creator, system administrator your most complete solution would be the DVD ISO. PC/OS OpenDesktop is a CD ISO contains office productivity, games, tools for multimedia playback and some system admin tools. if you are a desktop user or just want to try PC/OS, the CD ISO is your best choice. PC/OS Open Server System is geared toward server installations. It simplifies server administartion by containing webmin and many GUI tools focused on server operations. It excels as a media streaming platform as well as a file/print server for home or small business users as well as a web server platform. The PC/OS Appliance is geard towards owners of the EeePC and anyone who just wants a minimal platform for Internet Appliances and kiosks. PC/OS Webstation is geared towards users who wish to utilize the next generation Web 2.0 applications.


Why XFCE and not GNOME?
A) XFCE is a lightweight window manager that runs well on all classes of machines. from the newest Intel Core Duo to the lowly 500mhz PC of yester year. PC/OS being so lightweight helps you get the maximum investment out of your existing hardware or older hardware.

How is PC/OS created?
PC/OS is created using Remastersys which allows you to create a LiveCD or DVD of an Ubuntu installation. PC/OS is based on Ubuntu from Canonical and the desktop is based on XFCE. PC/OS is based on the LTS releases of Ubuntu. PC/OS gathers the best packages and applications, bundles them and sets up the experience for the user. Alot of these are available from the Ubuntu repositories, some are not and we also bundle the updated packages so that the user doesnt get packages six to seven months old. A few packages not included in the repositories are compiled from source and are included in PC/OS.

If the PC/OS developers decide to quit producing PC/OS or something happens to the primary developer, what happens then?
A) PC/OS is based on Ubuntu for that reason. If something happens to PC/OS, users can still get important updates and fixes from the Canonical repositories while working on an exit strategy, being based on the LTS users have 3 years with which to get this done.

Where can I find out more information on this new distribution?
A) The forums and this website are your best source for PC/OS information. Want to be an insider? With information and access to beta builds. Donate $40.00 to the project using the donate button at the top of the screen.

How can I help the project?
A) You can ask to be part of the development team. Submit artwork, Icon themes etc. Donate equipment, buy DVD's or CD's from On-Disk or donate to the project.

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