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Home » , » Element is an Ubuntu-based distribution for home theatre or media-centre personal computers.

Element is an Ubuntu-based distribution for home theatre or media-centre personal computers.

Element is an Ubuntu-based distribution for home theatre or media-centre personal computers featuring a ten-foot user interface and designed to be connected to a HDTV for a digital media and Internet experience within the comforts of a living room or entertainment area.

Element comes pre-loaded with dozens of applications that will allow listening to, viewing, and managing music, videos, photos, and Internet media

Updates (via Distrowatch)

Element Kevin Thompson has announced the release of Element 1.4, a Xubuntu-based distribution designed for home theatre personal computers: "The Element team is pleased to bring you Element OS 1.4 after a two-week delay. We had been experiencing some problems that were introduced in the build cycle such as HDMI audio failure in Firefox, but that has now been alleviated. Notable changes from 1.3 to 1.4 include: Firefox web browser has been updated to version 3.6.8 and as usual configured for ten-foot interfaces; E-Bar editor has undergone a minor revision of its toolbar and some usability changes; HDMI audio switch has undergone minor revisions and now displays your current settings and configurations; Element slim settings, labeled login settings in the menu is a new utility that includes the ability to switch between several login themes...."

Here is the full release announcement.

Download: element-1.4-rc.iso (626MB, MD5).

Recent releases:

• 2010-09-01: Distribution Release: Element 1.4
• 2010-07-03: Distribution Release: Element 1.3
• 2010-05-17: Distribution Release: Element 1.2
• 2010-03-28: Distribution Release: Element 1.1
• 2010-02-17: Distribution Release: Element 1.0

Addons & Extras.
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Install Firefox Plugin First

Hulu.com Desktop
Hulu Desktop is a lean-back viewing experience featuring a sleek look that allows you to navigate Hulu.com's entire library of tv and movies with a standard PC remote control or your keyboard and mouse. Includes TV shows and Movies from all the major networks. hulu.com

LIRC with Setup Utility
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