The Supreme SuperGamer 2 is the UPDATE to the Supreme SuperGamer. This release is 7.8GB so PLEASE HELP SEED!!! This LiveDVD can only run on Dual Layer DVD Drives so please be sure you have a compatible drive.

The Supreme SuperGamer is the World's First Dual Layer LiveDVD. This release is 7.8GB so PLEASE HELP SEED!!! The Supreme SuperGamer can also be purchased from On-Disk. This LiveDVD can only run on Dual Layer DVD Drives so please be sure you have a compatible drive.

The SuperGamer is available for download and can be purchased from On-Disk . This is an UPDATE with new Kernel and scripts as well as Drivers. Please HELP SEED.

The Torrents for the previous releases are still available. Please keep SEEDING.

The SuperGamer-VL2 Disks are available now.

Available in several different flavours, SuperGamer claims to be the "world’s first Dual Layer Live DVD".

The most recent version, SuperGamer Supreme 2.5, can be downloaded as an 7.9 gigabyte iso file, while some older versions can also be downloaded in smaller sizes.

As well as offering a wide selection of Linux native free games and shareware versions of commercial games, it also includes a wide selection of video card drivers, including proprietary binary blob drivers from NVIDIA and ATI as well as a wide array of free software alternatives.

As well as online downloads which are offered as a freely available torrent or a direct download available for a $5.00 dollar fee,SuperGamer can also be purchased from On-Disk. Though primarily intended for use as a Live DVD system only, SuperGamer can be installed onto a hard-drive using an included installer. There must already be a properly formatted partition on the drive and the user must be aware of the systems root password, which by default is set to "root".

Update (via Distrowatch):

SuperGamer Darin VanCoevering has announced the release of SuperGamer Supreme 2.5, the world's first dual-layer Linux live DVD packed with games: "The Supreme SuperGamer 2.5 is a update to the Supreme SuperGamer 2. This release is a 7.9 GB live DVD and can only run on dual-layer DVD drives or 16 GB Flash drives so please be sure you have a compatible drive. It includes: Firefox 4 beta; Flash 10.2; VLC and all of the additional updated packages; Linux kernel with wireless support; NDISwrapper updated and additional Intel wireless modules; wicked updated; LimeWire removed and FrostWire put in its place, Soldier of Fortune was taken off as it didn't work with the new NVIDIA driver; IconquerU game added along with the updated NVIDIA and ATI drivers, FUSE and NTFS-3G updated; addition of Gogo encoder which is faster than LAME; Java updated to 6u23."

Here is the brief release announcement. Download the VectorLinux-based gaming distribution via BitTorrent: SuperGamer.iso (8,118MB).


Recent releases:

• 2011-03-15: Distribution Release: SuperGamer Supreme 2.5
 • 2010-07-18: Distribution Release: SuperGamer Supreme 2
 • 2009-07-24: Distribution Release: SuperGamer Supreme

The SuperGamer-VL2 is the update to the SuperGamer-VL "Big Mamma" release with new custom graphics and some additional Games. We took off America's Army and put on Quake Wars and a few smaller games.

This LiveDVD is 4.2gb. We just released the SuperGamer-VL2 Disks. We will add the torrents to each iso in the following days. Additional information will soon follow as well on where download these New Releases.

The SuperGamer-VL "Big Mamma" is the first release on a new base with support for both NVIDIA and ATI cards. This release featured a new kernel and updated games and is 4.3gb in size while still containing the capabilities to be used as a normal desktop. This release is also being seeded.

The SuperGamer Desktop can only be purchased from On-Disk, This is basically a complete Desktop that is based off of P7a from PCLinuxOS. This release supports NVIDIA cards only.

The SuperGamer-2 is still being seeded and is basically an update to the SuperGamer-1 with alittle better hardware support.

The SuperGamer-1 can still be purchased from On-Disk, This was the First World Wide release that gave the project it's name. It was based off of the P91 from PCLinuxOS. This release supported NVIDIA cards only.