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Home » , , » Netrunner a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu with Wine pre-installed, including Winetricks.

Netrunner a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu with Wine pre-installed, including Winetricks.

Netrunner is an Ubuntu-based distribution with a focus on desktop computing.

It boasts a carefully tuned KDE 4 desktop with many integrated GNOME applications to offer users a selected mix of popular and powerful applications.

WINE is already pre-installed, including winetricks. It is mono-free, to provide a testcase for a “clean” *buntu that is not depending on a competitor technology. It also features some launchers on an extra panel to popular web-services like Gmail and Youtube.

Netrunner 2 – Blacklight includes Gnome-apps like Nautilus, Synaptic and more:
  • Linux kernel-2.6.32-22
  • Firefox 3.6.3 with plugins (Java 1.6, Flash 10.1)
  • VLC 1.1 (media player with codecs)
  • OpenOffice Software Suite 3.2
  • Thunderbird (email client)
  • WINE 1.1.42
  • GIMP (paint program)
  • audacious (winamp-like music player)
  • Pidgin
  • vuze (filesharing program)
    and more

    Netrunner Clemens Toennies has announced the release of Netrunner 3.1, a Kubuntu-based desktop Linux distribution and live DVD with a customised KDE desktop and integrated GTK+ applications: "We updated Netrunner 'Chromatic' with a maintenance release to 3.1. Changes from version 3.0 include: updated KDE from 4.6 to 4.6.1; updated Firefox from 3.5 to Firefox 4; replaced the default KDM theme with a customized one; fixed the plasma-netbook mode to the default plasma-desktop; changed the desktop theme to a transparent one. Netrunner comes with VLC media player and extended codec support for many proprietary formats such as MP3, QuickTime, WMV, DivX, Xvid. Version 3.1 comes pre-installed with Linux kernel 2.6.35, Firefox 4.0 with Java 1.6 and Flash 10.1 plugins, WINE 1.3.12, Audacious, OpenOffice.org 3.2.2....

    Here is the brief release announcement.

    Download (MD5): netrunner-3.1.iso (1,276MB, torrent).
    Recent versions.
    • 2011-06-01: Distribution Release: Netrunner 3.1
     • 2010-07-15: Distribution Release: Netrunner 2

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