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Home » , , » gMTP is a simple MP3 and Media player client for UNIX and UNIX like systems.

gMTP is a simple MP3 and Media player client for UNIX and UNIX like systems.

gmtp3gMTP is a simple graphical MTP based device client for Unix and Unix-like systems. It supports all MTP based devices, including MP3 players, media players, tablets, and mobile phones.

Due to Oracle Solaris 10 not having a native MTP based MP3 player support application, I've written my own GUI client for MTP devices. 
It supports:
  •     Upload, Download, Removal, Renaming and Moving of files as needed.
  •     Drag'n'Drop support for uploading files to the device.
  •     Folder Creation and Deletion.
  •     Album Art management.
  •     Metadata support for MP3, WMA, OGG and FLAC audio files, ensuring correct track information on your media player when uploading audio files.
  •     Device Naming support.
  •     Basic creation, editing and deletion of playlists. Able to import and export playlists in *.m3u format.
  • For other needs like managing your audio collection or ripping CDs I suggest you look at another full featured media application.


Current Release
gMTP Solaris 10 Package: gMTP-1.3.1-i386.pkg.gz (Warning: Does NOT contain libmtp, libflac or libid3tag).
Previous Releases
All previous releases are available from gMTP Downloads on Sourceforge
CVS Repository
Anonymous read-only access is available via:
$ cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@gmtp.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/gmtp checkout -P Hellfire/gMTP
Please be aware that the CVS version may be horribly broken or may not even compile, and I would always recommend the latest stable release for general use.

Support and Discussion Boards.
Support and Discussion Boards can be found on the Sourceforge project page located here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/gmtp

Installation (Binary)

Oracle Solaris 10
Download SYSV package, gunzip it and use 'pkgadd -d gMTP-1.3.1-i386.pkg' to install.
Debian GNU/Linux
gMTP is available in the unstable (sid) package lists. Use 'apt-get' to install.
gMTP is available in the universe package lists. Use 'apt-get' to install.
Arch Linux
gMTP is available in the AUR (Arch User Repository). See: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=47774
Gentoo Linux
gMTP is available in the main repository. Use 'emerge gmtp' to install.
The Chakra Project
gMTP is available in the CCR. See: http://chakra-project.org/ccr/packages.php?ID=1893
Calculate Linux
gMTP is available in the main repository. Use 'emerge gmtp' to install.

Installation (Source)

These instructions are from a Oracle Solaris 10 perspective. You may need to adjust some commands to accommodate your respective Operating Systems.
expand section libmtp
expand section libid3tag
expand section libflac
expand section gMTP
Download and unpack the source code. Update the PREFIX variable in the Makefile if you want to install to anywhere other than /usr/local.

GTK+2 Version (Recommended for Solaris, FreeBSD and older Linux Distributions)
$ gmake
# gmake install
# gmake register-gconf-schemas
GTK+3 Version (Recommended for new Linux Distributions)
$ gmake gtk3
# gmake install-gtk3
# gmake register-gsettings-schemas
Then run
$ gmtp
to start the application. Feel free to add a launcher or shortcut to the main menu as needed.
Note: For Solaris 10/OpenSolaris/Solaris 11 Express, the default makefile assumes you have SunStudio 12 installed. If you don't then modify the Makefile to use gcc instead. All other OSes will use gcc as default.
Note: On Linux based systems, use make instead of gmake.


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