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Home » , , , » Qmmp is a fast, Winamp-like music player for Linux.

Qmmp is a fast, Winamp-like music player for Linux.

qmmpQmmp is a Linux music player which will remind you of Winamp.
In fact, it looks a lot like it and it can even use Winamp skins (as well as Xmms skins) so if you're just switching to Linux and can't give up WinAmp (although I really liked Foobar2000 on Windows but anyway), you should try qmmp as an alternative to WinAmp.

Supported formats:
  • MPEG1 layer 2/3
  • Ogg Vorbis
  • Native FLAC, Ogg FLAC
  • Musepack
  • WavePack
  • Tracker modules (mod, s3m, it, xm, etc)
  • CD Audio
  • WMA, Monkey's Audio (and other formats provided by FFmpeg library)
  • PCM WAVE (and other formats provided by libsndfile library)
  • Midi
  • Chiptune formats (AY, GBS, GYM, HES, KSS, NSF, NSFE, SAP, SPC, VGM, VGZ, VTX)
DSP effects:
  • BS2B effect
  • Sample rate converter
  • LADSPA effects
  • extra stereo
  • crossfade (Experimental)
Visual effects:
  • ProjectM visualization
  • Spectrum analyzer
Output system support:
  • OSS
  • ALSA (Linux)
  • Pulse Audio
  • JACK
  • WaveOut (Win32)
Other features:
  • Xmms and Winamp 2.x skins support
  • 10-band equalizer
  • MP3, Vorbis, AAC, AAC+ streams support
  • mms support (experimental)
  • Removable device detection (via HAL)
  • Video playback via Mplayer
  • Lyrics (using lyricsplugin.com)
  • Cover art support
  • CUE sheet support
  • Embedded CUE support (for FLAC and WavPack)
  • Multiple playlists
  • Automatic charset detection for cue files and ShoutCast metadata
  • Playlist formats: m3u, pls, xspf
  • ReplayGain support
  • Last.fm/Libre.fm scrobbler
  • CDDB support


qmmp screenshot
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