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Monday, July 12, 2010

Guadalinex is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and developed by the government of Andalucía (Junta de Andalucía) in Spain.

Guadalinex is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and developed by the government of Andalucía (Junta de Andalucía) in Spain.

It is used in schools, public libraries, centers for elderly people and Guadalinfo centers.

There are five different versions of Guadalinex:

* Guadalinex EDU (specially developed for schools by the CGA)
* Guadalinex CDM (for centers of elderly people)
* Guadalinex Guadalinfo (only use in Guadalinfo centers, where any Andalusian citizen in rural areas can access the Internet for free)
* Guadalinex Bibliotecas (special version for public libraries)
* Guadalinex Mini (minimalistic Guadalinex distribution, suitable for old computers)


Guadalinex The Council of Economy, Innovation and Science of the Spanish regional government of Andalucía has published the final release of Guadalinex 7, an Ubuntu-based distribution on a DVD designed for deployment in government offices and schools around the region. Thirty percent faster than its predecessor, this new version improves the Internet user experience by providing easy access to social networking sites as well as to publication of blogs.

Apart from the usual programs for Internet browsing, email and chat, the distribution comes with a parental control tool called "Nanny", developed in-house, which will help fathers and mothers in protecting their children from accessing malicious and inappropriate web sites. Moreover, the graphical aspect of Guadalinex has been given special attention, with an animated desktop bar (Cairo-Dock) containing frequently used applications and other interesting features.

See the release announcement (in Spanish) for full details.

The live DVD image is available for download (MD5) from here: guadalinex-v7-desktop-i386-final.iso (3,901MB).

Recent releases:

• 2010-07-06: Distribution Release: Guadalinex 7
• 2009-06-22: Distribution Release: Guadalinex 6
• 2008-09-20: Development Release: Guadalinex 5.0 RC1
• 2007-11-23: Distribution Release: Guadalinex 4.1
• 2007-04-13: Distribution Release: Guadalinex 4
• 2006-06-17: Development Release: Guadalinex 3.0.1 RC3


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